Tour Features

Our current tour design comes from years of research and creativity to make our tours most effective for the Real Estate Industry. Over the years we have worked hard to create a tour that has just the right amount of infomation and photos.

Our Virtual Tour Breakdown

  • Tour Navigation

    The top left section of the tour is where you will find the main property info. This is where the tour starts with the address and price of the listing, along with a list of options to navigate to different features of the tour.

    • Property Address
    • Listing Price
    • Both of these features can be hidden at your discretion
  • Agent Business Card

    This section of the tour holds all the Agents contact infomation. This includes name, company, contact numbers, email, website. In our latest tour update we now have added a social media presence with having links available for Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube page. This info is hidden on our non-branded tour to be IDX Compliant.

    • Agent headshot or company logo
    • Your standard contact info: name, company, contact numbers, email, wesite
    • Expanded social media presence links through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube
  • Floorplan Tour Navigation

    Navigation with the floorplan is simple. Just click on the names or icons on the floorplan to see the areas you want to see. You are in the drivers seat. If you want to set the cruise control though you can always start the slideshow and let it go.

    • The floorplans give you complete layout of the house
    • You control the navigation of the tour from the floorplan
    • Sit back and relax with the automated slideshow feature
  • Gallery Tour Navigation

    This layout gives you simple and quick access to see the photos as thumbnails and then select them to be veiwed on the larger photo view on the left. Altough it doesn't have an interactive floorplan it still is a superior presentation tool to attract buyers.

    • Group of eight thumbnails at a time
    • List of all the panoramics
    • Simple Navigation
  • Info Section

    This section contains all the pertinent info that clients need to know to determine what advantages the property has to offer them.

    • MLS number, Type of property, School District
    • Number of bedrooms, bathroom, and garage spaces
    • Square footage, Lot size and year built
  • Verbiage

    This section contains a text description of the property infomation and can be tailored to anything you want. Clean font and scrollable navigation allows for unlimited amount of text.

    • Bold header line
    • Editable description or you can use the default paragraph as well
    • Clean easy to read font
  • Satellite Map View

    This feature from Google Maps is so wonderful we included it on the new templates. Your clients get an immediate sense of the environment and neighborhood from these satellite views.

    • Instant view to find what is around the neighborhoon
    • All the great Google Map fuctions
    • "Bird's Eye" View
  • Google Maps

    Google Maps we believe to be the most up to date maps on the web. This map service is the easiest to work with and find out how to get to the property.The street view option is a great way to see neighborhood.

    • Ease of navigation
    • Satellite maps with a hybrid street overlay
    • Most up-to-date online interactive map
  • Printabie Flyer

    Our printable flyer design was provided by Full Moon Desigh Group and is a clean and ink saving way of creating a quick printout of the property. Some Realtors print and use this as their print material to include in their leave behinds and sign boxes.

    • Professionally Designed
    • Very clean and ink friendly
    • Perfect for clients and agents to print
  • Enlarged Slideshow

    This beautifully engineered slideshow displays your great photography in a manner that is visually appealing to your clients. You really get a sense of the property by the up close and personal walk through.

    • Large slideshow
    • Automated walk through of property
    • Ease of use
  • Mortgage Calculator

    The mortgage calculator is by a thrid party website ( and provides up to date information that will help assist you clients in their mortgage questions.

    • Third Party provider
    • Many ways to configure your formulas
    • Many questions answered here